Five transferable skills you need, that have stood the test of time. 📝

12 Feb 2018


10 years ago we didn’t have the iPad, Google Chrome and WhatsApp and of course all the jobs associated with them. Meaning that jobs like AI Engineers, App Developers, Social Media Consultants and even Uber Drivers simply didn’t exist.

More than ever we are seeing an ever evolving job market, as technology and roles develop continuously. These developments mean that new and exciting jobs probably haven’t even been created yet, so making sure you have these core transferable skills can ensure you are always qualified and hireable.

  1. Leadership - Decision making and taking responsibility show your employer that they can trust you to lead a team well, even when they aren’t around.
  2. Interpersonal skills - Make building relationships with colleagues and clients your forte, making and effort to be personable, polite and professional at all times is a desirable quality to all employers.
  3. Problem solving - Using knowledge, logic and grit to persist with a problem and solve it rather than give up.
  4. Time management - Essential, more and more we are seeing a shift to project-based work, meaning meeting deadlines is imperative.
  5. Creativity - No matter what industry you are in, creative thinking can help push your company forward, and get you noticed.
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