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Pre-employment screening

1st Recruitment Group have gained several years’ experience providing a comprehensive Pre-Employment Screening (PES) service to our clients offshore. We have a team specifically dedicated to this service, making us unique amongst our competitors. This service ensures that our clients are protected from employing fraudulent, dishonest or unsuitable candidates. The checks we offer include:

  • Qualification checks
  • Sanction checks 
  • Credit checks (local and UK) 
  • Employment/Education reference checks 
  • Full CV gap analysis 
  • Criminal record checks 
  • Company verification 

We complete our screening to a high standard with fast deadlines. We ensure that the right candidate is placed quickly and efficiently, whilst reducing potential risks to the business and administration workloads.

If you would like to discuss further or acquire more information on this service then please call us on (01534) 875444 or email

Meet the team

The 1st Recruitment Group team are specialists within the offshore market and pride themselves on their industry knowledge and networks.

Meet the team
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