Working in Hong Kong

Whilst there are opportunities within banking and finance for highly skilled expats, the visa process for hiring an expat can be somewhat complex and long winded. To get a work permit, expats will need to find an employer sponsor, meaning that they'll need a solid job offer beforehand. Most employers or sponsors usually apply for a work permit on behalf of the employee.

The sponsor must be a registered Hong Kong company and the Immigration Department will require proof that the applicant of an Employment Visa possesses specialist skills, knowledge or experience otherwise not readily available in the local market.

A Hong Kong work visa is typically granted for a period of 6-12 months. Extensions are typically given in 2-year increments up to the point where the worker has accrued seven consecutive years of employment. The worker can then apply for Permanent Residency (a Permanent ID Card), which means you no longer need to be sponsored for a Hong Kong visa.

Process for getting a work permit

The employment visa application is submitted to the Hong Kong Immigration Department, usually by the prospective employer and usually takes 1 – 2 months to process. Once the employment visa has been issued and endorsed in the passport, the applicant can enter Hong Kong. Once in Hong Kong, applications for a Hong Kong ID card must be made.

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