Working in Cayman

All non-residents who intend on living and working in the Cayman Islands need a Work Permit. Prior to an employee arriving in the Cayman Islands, the prospective employer must apply to the Cayman Islands Immigration Department for a work permit on the employee’s behalf. The Immigration Department reviews all applications from companies and individuals who are seeking permission to work in the Cayman Islands. It is necessary for an expatriate worker to provide the employer with certain documentation to be included in the application, but it is the financial obligation of the employer to pay for all work permit and immigration related fees.

There are two main types of work permits:


Temporary permits may be granted for a period no more than six months and usually takes 5-10 business days to process.


Work Permit Grants may be granted for periods up to three years. A GOL may take up to three months to process.

Additional Requirements:

If the prospective employee is not a native of an English speaking country, they must take an oral English test on arrival in the airport. Should the person not pass this test, they will be refused entry.

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