The future of Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment

01 Nov 2017

AI in recruitment


AI (artificial intelligence) has been utilised by Recruiters for a while, aiding tasks such as screening CVs and assessing candidates. But two new products, which aim to remove the element of human bias in the recruitment process, show just how effective AI can be.

1. Human - subliminal facial expression detection software

The team behind Human (founded in 2016) want to build the next step in human-tech relationships, by ‘humani[zing] technology to decipher emotion and characteristics and predict human behaviour.’ This technology could allow recruiters to read subliminal facial expressions live during job interviews.

2. Xref - a Sentiment Engine

Xref, an automated candidate referencing company based in Australia has developed a Sentiment Engine which gives recruiters a ‘sentiment’ rating to help recruiters make ‘faster, smarter and more confident hiring decisions’ through data-driven insights based around references from previous employers.

Both of these AI tools give recruiters data to aid their decision making rather than relying on gut instincts about candidates in the interview process, leading to more efficient and informed hires. For candidates, the phrase 'honesty is the best policy' has never been more important. 

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