3 tips to harness productivity. 🕒

03 Jul 2018


We all know the satisfaction of a productive day, and the frustration of one wasted. Here are our top three tips to work smarter and get things done. 

1. If you don’t have the time to do it well, say no.

Saying yes to everything will ultimately burn you out. It may feel easier in the moment to say yes due to worrying you will let people down but a never ending ‘To Do’ list with lots of high priority items just causes stress. If you don’t have the capacity to do the job well, say no.

2. Emails.

Set boundaries with your work emailing. Don’t reply all day and all night, over the weekend or even when you are on annual leave. By doing this you are creating an expectation that it doesn’t matter when people email you, meaning you are decreasing the value of your time.

3. Establish routines.

A routine will help you work more efficiently. If you have a chunk of admin that needs to be done every week, allocate a specific time (perhaps Tuesday morning) to get it done and dusted. Utilise set templates for standard requirements of your job like enquiry emails, quotes or invoices - that way you can minimise the lag time in getting back to a client or customer.


Though elusive productivity is essential to helping you and your company grow. Putting in place the above restraints will mean you have more time to think creatively, achieve more and push your business forward. 

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