3 top tips for brightening up your work space

12 Nov 2018


On average we spend nearly 25% of our time at our place of work, so it is important to have an environment which you find inspiring and engaging. Here are some top tips for optimising your work space and increasing your productivity.


1) Minimalism and organisation

Decluttering your work area can open it up and make it appear more spacious without physically altering the space. Get rid of the stacks of paperwork, give yourself a proper filing system to help with organisation and have just the essentials to hand to lessen distractions. Why not also consider applying some feng shui, the Chinese art of balance, to help you relax and harmonise with your environment.


2) Personalise your space

Although you want to reduce any unnecessary clutter this doesn’t mean having a completely empty space. Add a splash of colour or keep a couple of personal items in sight such as a framed photo of your loved ones, or a funky pen holder. Not only does this bring a piece of your personality to the space, but it also helps to keep you positive and inspired.


3) Let the outdoors indoors

Plants are one of the easiest ways to bring vibrancy and life to a space. Not only do they look nice, but they are thought to help lessen stress and even reduce sickness. If you’re looking for something attractive yet low maintenance why not consider a simple succulent or small desk cactus to keep you company. Or go to the next extreme and turn your desk or office into a miniature indoor jungle.

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