5 things great networkers do

22 Nov 2017



Networking. Some people thrive off a room full of new faces, others dread it. Either way networking events provide an invaluable opportunity to connect with like minded people, suss out what is happening in your industry and beyond, and be on the radar of potential clients / employers. Here are our 5 tips to working the room.

1. Quality over quantity

If it’s a 1-2 hour event, aim to have 3-5 meaningful conversations rather than small exchanges with half the room. That way can actually gain some insight into potential opportunities and be memorable.  

2. Listen

Try not to launch into a mini pitch - it’s great to be interesting but better to be interestedNetworking is not about selling yourself, but about making mutually beneficial relationships.

3. Be helpful & reliable

Have your business cards with you, talk about mutual contacts and refer potential third party contacts or suppliers. But always ensure you are reliable and deliver on any promises you make.      

4. Be approachable

Everyone is in the same boat at these events and looking for a friendly face - you may as well be it. If you are open and friendly, people will want to engage with you.

5. Always follow up

If you don’t follow up, all of your efforts are wasted! Even if you are busy a quick email to a new contact can go a long way.

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