How to move into a leadership role

16 Jul 2018



Without great leadership in a business, a resulting lack of organisation and motivation is inevitable. Out there today there are many young, talented and enthusiastic individuals chomping at the bit to be in leadership and management positions. But how do you achieve this?

If you want to move into a leadership role at work, here’s how to make positive steps towards calling the shots as well as ways to effectively manage, motivate and support staff...

Be seen as a leader

Leaders should be easily recognisable in the workplace, so you should demonstrate your abilities as often as possible. When able to, assist your colleagues with their workloads in working to achieve their deadlines and offer advice. This will illustrate your understanding and appreciation of teamwork and solidify your supportive nature.

Remain proud and accountable

By taking pride in your work at all times you inevitably create the best work possible, which will have untold benefits not just for yourself but for the business at a whole. With this comes the added responsibility of recognising the importance of meeting deadlines consistently and being fully accountable for any shortcomings. This is imperative as a leader’s attitude should be one that staff admire.

Be firm but fair

Be friendly and honest with other staff members whilst empathetic and motivational. But as a leader, your colleagues need to respect your instruction and produce great work, so always be firm with your expectations and deadlines. Never sacrifice expressing your opinion for good temperance or rapport with staff - just do so in a diplomatic manner.

Focus on being conscious

Leaders are highly perceptive, they tailor their management styles to the specific individual, recognising that everyone works differently. Be sure to have structured communication with your colleagues with clear direction towards specific KPIs and goals. Getting to know your staff personally will enable you to expedite their strengths, helping the team and wider business.

Be prepared for change

Staying primed for change and on your toes is essential for leadership. The best leaders are constantly improving their skill set or strategy in response to changing internal and external environments such as dealing with new employees, clients or a shifting economic and social climate. This willingness to adapt and learn quickly is the hallmark of a great leader.


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