How to resign without burning bridges

28 May 2018

So you’ve got a new job offer, you are taking some time out to retrain or you’re going on maternity or travel leave, exciting times are ahead! But the prospect of handing in your notice at work can tinge this with a little bit of anxiety. Here are our tips to ensure you are leaving professionally and without burning bridges.

  • Give proper notice - Although you will have a notice period in your contract, giving ample notice to your boss can be a nice gesture to ensure they have the maximum time possible to find and train a suitable replacement.
  • Speak to your superiors first - Make sure you inform your line manager and boss first rather than talking to your colleagues. This can start Chinese whispers which could reach your superiors ahead of your announcement. It is also awful for team morale and makes you look slightly petty.
  • Be gracious - Manners cost you nothing, and are vital towards maintaining contacts and good references. Actually write a resignation letter, this is the professional thing to do and avoids any miscommunication on notice period. It is also an opportunity to thank your superiors.
  • Keep working hard - Don’t put up your feet and coast towards your notice period. This reflects badly on your work ethic and will frustrate your current colleagues. Make sure you do a thorough handover on all of your work and speak to those who will be managing your projects to make sure they are happy.
  • Say thanks as well as goodbye - This may come easily but even if you didn’t enjoy your role, make sure you say thank you to your colleagues and boss. Every stage of your career brings you closer to understanding what you love to do, so always appreciate the time you spent with a company, and say a proper goodbye to ensure you leave on the best note possible.

Absolutely don’t leave like this…


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