How to start your dream job NOW.

05 Mar 2018


When it comes to our dream careers, “one day”, “after I have more experience” or “once I’ve saved” can all be preventers of following our true passions. All too often we make excuses that stop us from (for example): owning a business, changing career or retraining to ultimately do something we love. 

So, we have put together 4 steps to help you turn your passion into your pay check…. 


STEP 1: What did you want to be when you grew up? 

This may have changed but getting to the heart of what you loved & love to do is key. Self-evaluation is the first point of action. Write a list of things that make you happy (in & out of working hours) and see if there are any trends developing. This might not materialise instantly to a specific job role or industry but it will help you visualise & focus on what pursuing your passion entails. 


STEP 2: Explore the opportunities 

Now it's time to do some research, and find out how you can make a career out of what you are passionate about. For example, you might be a Marketing or PR professional working in-house for a corporate company but your passion is to help others. Why not offer your communication talents to a charity doing something you care about? Or start helping beneficial organisations in your community to raise their profile and therefore awareness. 


STEP 3: Talk about it 

Bounce your ideas off people who know you well (professionally and personally), talk about your passions but also your strengths (& weaknesses). They will act as a soundboard and may come up with suggestions you hadn’t thought about or have a contact in an industry that can help you get your foot in the door. 


STEP 4: Plan & DO 

To follow your career dreams you don’t ask HOW you decide WHAT is needed to get you there. So make a plan. Estimate the money you will need to finance your career change, evaluate whether you need to do any training or courses and find jobs you can actually apply for. Work part time, volunteer or work on a contract or temp job to test the water, but most importantly start positive movements towards following your passions. 


The process might not happen over night and takes commitment, but trust us success stems from true passion. We have a number of permanent, contract and temporary jobs available and trusted consultants to support you with expert advice. For further information call 875 444 or email 

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