No experience? Here's what to write in your CV.

15 Oct 2018


Are you a school leaver or graduate with no experience? Writing your CV can be daunting but it is important to remember everyone has been there. It’s a classic catch-22, you need valuable work experience but you don’t have any experience to get the internship or entry level role you need! Here’s what to include in your CV to show you have the right attributes and attitude to get the interview.



Make sure this section is packed with your merits, from grades to extra curricular activities  - this gives a well rounded impression of you as a candidate. Importantly link this back to skills useful for working environment. For example, ‘As part of the debating team, I am used to public speaking and a confident negotiator.’


Highlight transferable skills

List your personal attributes and strengths that are relevant to the job role. These could be leadership skills, office administration, operating technology or computer programming, copywriting or forward thinking.


Part-time work history

Every job you have done from volunteering to working in a café, babysitting or dog walking is relevant. Employers like to see a strong work ethic, and every part-time role adds to this impression. If you have done internships between school terms or university even better. (Even if these were in different sectors to your application.)


Show your potential

This is integral. Your attitude is what will set you apart. For entry level roles positivity, eagerness to learn and a can-do attitude are the basis of employability. The rest can be taught and learnt on the job. They need to see your potential.  


Online courses

Show your desire to work in your chosen industry by completing some online training. This is a great way of gaining a skill set between getting your first role or internship, and shows you are proactive and want to learn. Digitally focused courses are always going to look good on your CV as it is transferable across sectors, whether it is a SEO, Google Analytics or social media online qualification.


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