Use focus to achieve your career goals

05 Feb 2018



Many capable & ambitious candidates who want to push themselves in their career need help keeping focused. Here are our top tips to staying focused and getting your career moving in 2018. 

1. Define your goal(s)

This is so important, not only does it give you focus but a direction. When selecting one overarching goal then (importantly) devise manageable steps to complete that goal. Achievements don’t happen overnight but through determination and working towards them everyday. It’s a habit we can train ourselves into.

2. Communicate

If you don’t ask you don’t get. Know your worth and communicate with your manager or employer. They aren’t mind readers, so be vocal and honest about your career goals, expectations and needs. Whether that is more responsibility, a new project or a pay rise, even if it’s not attainable right now, you’ll have focus because you’ll know where you are now and where you need to be to achieve your goal.

3. Take time off

Don’t forget the importance of time off! Take your lunch breaks, plan a holiday and try not to work overtime excessively. Having focus is all about efficiency - working smart not all the time! Plus trying to focus when you are overworked is just not going to happen.


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